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Mastermind With Lynn



Self-Mastery Is Everything


For Personal And Business Growth



You hold the power to shake up the status quo and change the world; the key is to know and grow yourself. Clarity is power. By gaining new clarity, you give yourself more power with which to manifest fresh outcomes in life and business.

Masterminding is an accelerator to clarity:


  • Learning new concepts that can do the most important thing – shift your perspective.
  • Discover your growing edge and the leading edge of your business.
  • Build new relationships with like-spirited high-potential truth-seekers.
  • See how to reframe challenges into the opportunities they are for your benefit.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone into your genius zone.
  • Master yourself internally to express more fully externally.
  • And more…


Your Next Step


Given the commitment – 6 months – for both of us, we need to have a chat and make sure this program is the right fit for your goals.


The monthly investment in this program is $497; it is limited to just 8 visionary entrepreneurs at a time. Please use the form below to share some basic information about you and to schedule a personal 20-minute chat via phone or Skype.



Schedule Chat Now


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Why do you feel self-mastery is important to you now?

What makes you want to work with Lynn for 6 months?

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Just click the button above to go to a simple webform. As soon as my system receives notice of your request, you’ll get an email to schedule our chat asap.



One last thought: Committing to participating in a six-month Mastery Mastermind Program will change your life going forward.

Let this be the moment when your action sets in motion new energy to have the experience you want in life and business. Your future depends on you taking action to claim it.


I look forward to supporting you and your business vision in gaining clarity.


To Your Self-Mastery… ~



P.S.: You should know that this is one of my signature services – and that I guarantee my work… this is risk-free for you! (In all the years I’ve been doing business, the only time I’ve refunded money is because someone said I was delivering too much content in a group class!) I guarantee this mastermind will give you new insights as a foundation for becoming the person you need to be for what you want in your life and business. :+)


P.P.S.: If you’re still thinking about it, let me ask you… what’s it worth to you to shave years off having what you really want? ;=)





If you have questions about the programs and services that I offer to support you in
changing the world and getting paid for it,


please call 1-760-534-4770.


To Changing The World Through Your Focused Intensity!