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Unlock Your Karmic Code Through Business

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A Four-Part Audio Series To Enrich And Unleash Your Personal Power By Using Your Business As A Growth Tool (And Change Your Results!).

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 Know What You Came Here To Do, Resolve And Create By Unlocking Your Karmic Code Through Business

A four-part audio series that teaches how to understand, unlock and unleash your karmic code by seeing your business as your teacher and, therefore, change your business results.

Karma is, essentially, the intersection of the universal law of cause and effect and the universal law of balance. It’s reached into popular culture through song (Culture Club, Karma Chameleon), tv (My Name Is Earl), movies (The Adjustment Bureau) and more.
Understanding your incarnational karma (what you came in to with to resolve / balance in cosmic time and space), your archetypal karma (the energy patterns that loop in familiar ways) and your manifestation karma (how you call in your experience) are the keys to unlocking your personal power.

When you understand your karma, or archetypal energy patterns as they are expressing through your business, you can swim downstream with them vs. battling upstream against the tide by being in resistance, struggle or challenge.
Your business, as a reflection of you, is a great way to be able to actually see the effects of your karma.
It’s important to understand, unlock and unleash your karmic code – that which you are here to understand, resolve and create – by seeing your business as a teacher.

Is The Unlock Your Karmic Code Series For You?

Consider whether you are experiencing any of the following situations or life symptoms:


  • Finding yourself in too-familiar patterns of undesirable relationships.
  • Holding yourself back or playing small.
  • Requiring yourself to do ‘one more thing’ and THEN you will be ready.
  • Lacking self-confidence in promotions, marketing or selling yourself.
  • Chasing the money and so working with just anyone who will pay you.
  • Downsizing your expectations of yourself and others.
  • Getting ‘taken advantage of’, defrauded or left with the short end of the stick.
  • Being frustrated with people who don’t apply what you deliver.
  • Getting angry that others in your industry with less experience are better known.
  • Fearing that you are missing something but don’t know what.
  • Being overwhelmed and scattered daily despite working hard.
  • Staying on the surface of relationships or situations.
  • Reacting to what’s happening instead of planning and creating.
  • Having limited funds to invest in your business so you do everything.
  • Being unsure of what value you bring to your customers.
  • Doing ‘behind the scenes’ prep work instead of going for it.
  • Experiencing ‘dark’ feelings that leave you hopeless and helpless.
  • Using negative language that surprises you when you say it.
  • Feeling stuck and stifled by a lack of time and the imminent loss of your dreams.

If yes, these are just some of the symptoms entrepreneurs experience that show karmic energy patterns are at work in your life and business.
And they are disguising opportunities to express your personal power in new ways.

 The Truth About Manifesting

We humans come here in physical form to manifest; that is, in non-physical form, everything is energy and it takes physical form to appreciate that.
It’s much more difficult for conscious, high-energy entrepreneurs to create on the physical plane because we KNOW it’s dense here.
We remember what’s possible and it can be frustrating on the physical plane; in this case, we might have a reaction, stop consciously manifesting, re-tread ‘old’ manifestations or live in resistance.  And when we do, there is a karmic balance being achieved on a greater level. Our job is to understand and flow with it.
Many people think that karma is about punishment or being right or wrong about how you are living your life. That’s a myth (probably perpetuated as a form of fear-based control of the masses… but I digress…). For me, that’s actually proven because some of the most powerful souls are the ones who choose to come into a frail physical body to accelerate their growth on some level.
At any rate, when you understand your karma, it’s the difference between swimming downstream or battling upstream against the tide.
It’s about whether you’re in alignment with fulfilling your life purpose.
And if you are called to be an entrepreneur on any level, your business is an expression of your life purpose.
It’s about the conditions we choose to create in order for us to receive our best wisdom teachings. After all, without challenge, your strength is un-applied, untested and unknown.

 The Curriculum

What we experience on the physical plane is an ‘echo’, or reflection, or frequency from the energetic plane. That applies to what happens in your business as well.
The good news is that it can be a lot easier to look at your business with objectivity to ‘catch’ your life lessons and wisdom teachings as they’re happening.
The shadow side of using your business as a personal growth tool is that it’s virtually impossible to tie a particular financial outcome or ‘hard’ deliverable to the insights and milestones of your personal growth journey.
So many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing only on tactics, strategies and techniques that won’t work (or, at least, they won’t be optimized) for sustainable results.
Here’s the big kahuna power key to successful entrepreneuring…

 Your business can grow ONLY as fast as you do.

It’s one of the ultimate paradoxes of being in business (that you have to grow yourself first to grow your business).
But there are not many teachers or resources that can help you accelerate your personal growth and conscious awareness through your business. (You’ve probably already found that to be the case…)
So the curriculum here may not seem like it’s related to your business – and yet, it’s essential to moving you beyond where you’ve been in your business.

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In the words of students…
“This class has been so hard and yet exciting. I’ve come up against a lot of resistance. During the second class I clearly saw myself outside of the bubble of my business. I was just watching it and feeding it but through the membrane. I see that I need to nurture and care for my business the same way I did for my kids. I need to feel for it with my heart and then I will go to any lengths for it. This was HUGE!!! I’m so excited. You have breathed life into me.”
“First of all, I want to tell you how much I LOVE your mastery of language. Your ease of describing such abstract concepts and passing them along to all of us to grasp is not simple but you do it so well. You know this process is much like remodeling. It’s so messy and such a tedious process – we always think it will go faster than it really does. I feel like I’m being remodeled – except I don’t know the end result – the plan. At moments it’s messy, but according to your course, I’m right on track. You have given me lots to work on, write, read, cut and burn. I am deeply grateful for your brilliance.”
“Although each class was more powerful than the last, this last class really brought it all together for me. It really is all about my conscious transformation and I can use my business to help me do it. The depth of what you explored is not touched by anyone else out there that I know of so thank you for being willing to go beyond ‘standard business development’ teachings. This is the stuff that nobody knows how to talk about and wrapping my head around it just on the surface has already changed me. I’m planning on listening to the audios again to extract even more from it. Thank you for who you are and how you show up in your business – it’s a model for me (and I’m sure others!) to follow.“

 An Overview of The Series

An overview of key points covered in this audio series:

 Karmic Archetypal Energies: 

  • How eight types of karma could be affecting your business decisions
  • Decoding your incarnational, archetypal and manifestation karmas
  • The signs that your business is working karma for you
  • How to find and handle your negative karmic commitments


Finding And Expressing Your Dharma:
  • How to know your dharma, or most natural path, in life
  • The signs and unique challenges of discovering your dharma
  • How to channel your dharma through your business
  • The seven mystical laws that are guiding your life and business


Money and Life Cycles:
  • How psychic debt is keeping your energy on low
  • Understand the energy of money as it is flowing (or not)
  • Identifying your money wounds for resolution
  • The five cycles of life influencing your decisions


Messages, Messengers and Manifestation:
  • How your emotions are messengers to your truths
  • Symptoms of ascension and how they help you release the ‘old’
  • Your personal manifestation formula
  • What you need to know for self-sovereignty
  • How to apply these teachings to your business
  • And more…


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At The Entrepreneurial Edge

This curriculum is based on energy principles, mystical law and karmic insight and is leading-edge in being applied to entrepreneuring like never before.
And, by the way, while these teachings might appear ‘abstract’, they will:
a) stir up powerful and profound insights for you as you process how they relate to your life, and,
b) become the foundation for taking real action in your life through your business.
Altogether, if you desire…

  • to have greater awareness around your experience,
  • to know how to more consciously manifest in alignment with your karma / dharma, and,
  • to be guided to profound self-discovery as you apply these teachings to living your karmic destiny through your life and business…

Then this is a revolutionary audio series that can speak to and through your business soul.

Purchase The Series

There is a sense of urgency to deliver this information asap because you need to have these insights in order to plan for your next best level in business.

This ENTIRE audio series, chock-full of leading-edge entrepreneurial consciousness teachings, is just $59.


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A question from one of my clients about the program: I don’t see how understanding my karma would help me in business. My ego doesn’t need stroking (“Oh that’s me, Oh that’s sooo me…”). What’s the point?
ANSWER: Knowing your personal karma and getting it resolved means your business won’t have to ‘run’ that energy for you. For example, if someone comes here with a karmic lesson around poverty, if they don’t get that handled, their business will not be able to make money and they will be unsuccessful. (And there is no business technique that can compensate for karmic patterns, by the way…)
As another example, someone who might have a karmic pattern that relates to visibility (or to not being visible) will have challenges in marketing their business, making it as a public speaker, communicating effectively about the benefits of their business, etc. – anything that would draw attention to themselves would not work as their karmic issue will block success in that area.
Understanding your karma is an invitation to find out what is in the way of not being able to be your best in and through your business.

One Last Thought

Remember that business is not just for generating revenues – business is for revealing to you who you are and proactively forging your path to becoming your best next level of being.
It’s not what you create but who you become that is the most vital – and often under-respected – outcome of being an entrepreneur.
It’s not what you do but the way in which it transforms people’s lives that accurately measures your success.
And when you are in the flow of your karma, you are swimming with the current of your destiny.  Know what that means and use it to creating new results in your life and business more easily.
Consider this your invitation to learn, grow and experience you and your business in a whole new way… I’m honored to be your Catalyst.

Lynn Scheurell (aka, Karma Catalyst) ;=)

3 reviews for Unlock Your Karmic Code Through Business

  1. Mo Bailey, MCC President of the National Association of Advancement for Baby Boomers (


    Mo Bailey, MCC President of the National Association of Advancement for Baby Boomers (

    THIS WAS A REALLY GREAT CLASS! You were flowing with gems. Thank you for doing this – true, pure, value and expertise that shined through. I feel immediately energized and in a creative high for implementation of some true gems of my own heightened flow from your gifts and energy.

  2. Marie Henry, Houston, TX


    Marie Henry, Houston, TX

    This class has been so hard and yet exciting. I’ve come up against a lot of resistance. During the second class I clearly saw myself outside of the bubble of my business. I was just watching it and feeding it but through the membrane… hmm… Also I see that I need to nurture and care for my business the same way I did for my kids. I need to feel for it with my heart and then I will go to any lengths for it. This was HUGE!!! I’m so excited. You have breathed life into me.

  3. Mike Neer, Fresno, CA


    Mike Neer, Fresno, CA

    What a treat it was to flow and dance! with you and the group again. I am so grateful because your attention and focus has helped me “see/feel” myself now — after some time — more clearly. Somehow you were able to draw out of me just exactly the right expressions that brought to light my current growings and edge-stance! Lynn, you have a wonderful gift to connect so deeply with others, and your energy is irrepressible. Thank you again for dancing with me again today! You help me hear the music!

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