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The Feng Shui Way to Wealth

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A 68-page e-book to give you a concise, practical resource on how to use the power of Feng Shui as it relates specifically to your wealth

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Use The Power of Ancient Chinese Secrets
to Wealth-fully Activate Your Environment

A 68-page e-book that provides a concise overview of how to evaluate and upgrade your environment, or external body, as a way to up-level your internal state, explore your money mindset and program your environment to support your wealth goals.

Long before the written word, the ancient Chinese masters watched how energy moved through time and space using their intuition and power of perception to determine its affects on people for better or worse.
Over time, they developed a system to monitor and harmonically use these energies proactively to get the results they wanted in virtually every aspect of life; this system is called “Feng Shui”.
Feng Shui is what we now consider to be the art and science of understanding and supporting the dynamic dance between our personal energy and our environment.

What’s ‘in here’ is ‘out there’ – and vice-versa.

Originally available only to emperors and wealthy nobles, Feng Shui focuses on opening the flow of energy in your environment. The quality and flow of energy in your space can literally make you rich in life – or make you feel sick.
When your environment is supporting you, you feel good and your life feels easier. In this case, what is happening with your wealth is reflected in your environment, or ‘external body’; you can change that dynamic by working directly with your Feng Shui.

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Harness the Power of Your Environment for Wealth

Since your environment is your external body, and a reflection of your inner world, it is the first place to tangibly affect powerful change in your life.

Your environment is the “effect” of your energy, but it also can become a “cause” for what you want to create… for example, imagine yourself on vacation in a luxurious tropical island setting. It’s hard to worry about laundry or getting the car serviced or checking your email in that scenario, right?
The same is true for your day-to-day life… if your desk is a disaster, you’ve got stuff all over the place, your floor “filing system” is activated, trash overflowing and boxes of stuff to be put away, it’s hard to feel focused, productive and happy about being in your workspace.
That will be an energetic problem, with the effect being your lack of optimal productivity, an underlying desire to get out of there and, as a result, a potentially detrimental effect on your wealth.
However, you can “program” your environment to support you every day. There are simple, practical things that you can put into motion in your environment to help you feel good, open up the energy flow and get more of what you want in your life, including wealth.
The Feng Shui Way to Wealth e-book is full of practical information designed to help you as a beginner or an energy master to relate to your environment in a new way.
Learn how to most effectively clear the clutter, address the energetic “red flags” in your space and increase your awareness of what’s happening in your life by working with your Feng Shui.

Content and Context

This 68-page e-book covers such topics as:


  • An overview of Feng Shui basics
  • The map and meaning of different environments in your space
  • How energy moves through your space
  • What your bad hair day has to do with your money
  • Why your environment is more important than your karma
  • How to find the wealth area of your space
  • What it means if your wealth area is your bathroom
  • The meaning and best use of wealth symbols
  • How to adjust and activate your wealth area
  • The best symbol of moving money for your space
  • How to effectively de-clutter your space
  • The “chi shredders” that could be in your environment right now
  • The way you might be dishonoring your money daily
  • The four “money pulse” questions

  • Abundance rituals you can easily use
  • How the company you keep could be affecting your money
  • The magic that an “issue” gives you
  • Beliefs exercises that expand your perspective and reveal expectations
  • A life inventory exercise to help you create a new relationship with money
  • And more, all about attracting wealth and abundance…


You are living the results of your Feng Shui every day now, and that includes your wealth… why not get the results you really want?

To use proven Feng Shui principles in helping you make a difference in your wealth starting now, download your copy of The Feng Shui Way to Wealth for $29.

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5 reviews for The Feng Shui Way to Wealth

  1. Barbara Staten, Tucson, AZ


    Barbara Staten, Tucson, AZ

    This book gave me more information with more clarity than I’ve seen anywhere else. Just the first 15 pages made Feng Shui seem do-able, easy and fun – not at all intimidating. I finally get it! Thank you for putting together a guide that ‘civilians’ can understand!

  2. Gena Z,


    Gena Z,

    Lynn is the epitome of “feel, good, safe energy”~ no matter if she’s doing Feng Shui, numerology or an intuitive mentoring session, this woman makes you feel good and provides clean clarity! She has powerful, positive insight and is completely right on. She’s loving, kind and without judgment – awesome!!!!!!!

  3. Julie Greenspan, Poway, CA


    Julie Greenspan, Poway, CA

    Lynn performed a Feng Shui cleansing at my company on a Sunday, when there were no employees in the building. Without being told, she intuitively knew information about some of our employees. For example, she ‘felt’ a difficulty in breathing in one, cramped, shared office. One of the women who worked there had had a lung transplant (and has since been moved to a private, airy office). At Lynn’s suggestion, we hired a consultant who mentored all of our managers, including the C.E.O. As a result we have gained efficiency, productivity and increased sales. We’ve outgrown our former building and moved to a newer, larger facility where we continue to grow.

  4. C.B., Psychotherapist, San Diego, CA


    C.B., Psychotherapist, San Diego, CA

    Lynn Scheurell has Feng Shui’d my professional office, my husband’s office and both of my children’s bedrooms. As for the offices, I can’t articulate how wonderful the energy is in both of them, and how transformed they became based on her work. Almost 100% of my clients comment on how good the space feels. As for my kids’ rooms, my daughter had moved her bed against and blocking a door, and in the same time, her teenage life had fallen apart! Lynn had her shift several things and what was broken became whole again. My son says many nights of the week when he’s doing homework, “Don’t you love the way my room feels?” This work is for real! Thank you to Lynn!

  5. Rodney Sapini, New York City


    Rodney Sapini, New York City

    Before Lynn Scheurell mentored me, I dreamed and planned about being mentally free to do what I love – a successful coach and speaker. The fear of being incomprehensible blocked me from ever doing large workshops and conferences. Now that Lynn is my catalyst, I have her incredible energy, combined with her Feng Shui talents, which allows me to feel supported in all areas of my life. I have become so confident in my life purpose that I feel I am always at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. I finally feel alive, being my authentic self. It’s as if I learned to walk for the first time. My journey has just begun. Thank you.

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