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The Energy Series: Money, Success And Secrets Of the Masters

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A Three-Part Audio Series That Explores How To Decode And Harness Intangible Energies To Create Real-World Results In Your Business.

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Unlock and Harness The Energy Of Success Through Your Business

A three-part audio series that explores how energy affects your business by decoding the energy of money, success and mastery. Being unconscious to energy or not understanding it can wreak havoc in your business. Discover how to interpret and apply secret energetic strategies so you can create real-world results for more of what you want in your life and business.

Everything is energy; quantum physicists are proving that daily – and that includes your business.
Knowing how to unlock and harness the power of energy to optimize your business potential can save you time, resources and money.
Your business is merely an external representation of your personal beliefs, thoughts, choices and actions as the business creator.
Going further, your business can grow only as fast as you do.
When you see your business as your growth mirror, you can identify patterns within and results of your business to discover growth opportunities.
And that’s not about following the traditional advice of business experts who focus solely on the external circumstances of your business. Instead, you follow the energy flow to discover fresh insights.
Here are three leading-edge audios packaged as The Energy Series for entrepreneurs.

Audio One: The Energy of Money In Your Business

How does the energy of money affect your business?

It’s the question that most entrepreneurs wrestle with on a daily basis.
People are custodians of money and, unfortunately, many are unconscious about that. As a business owner, if that’s the case, that could be wreaking havoc in your business – it’s not about the economy.
Even more, here is a foundational concept that you’ve likely not considered before:

Money is actually meaningless on its own.

Rather, it’s the meaning YOU give money that matters!
During this 75-minute audio, you’ll discover:


  • The three things that determine money attraction energy in your business
  • The eight principles of energetic money attraction
  • The five keys to generating money
  • The most common money beliefs that you likely have right now (and how their shadows could be affecting your business!)
  • The seven wealth wounds
  • The five factors that influence revenue generation (and it’s not about the economy!)
  • The top ten characteristics that you need to thrive in your business
  • How to shift your consciousness about money
  • The nine laws of manifestation

If you don’t understand the true value of money in your business, it’s like driving a car while being blind – it’s awkward, frustrating and your results are unpredictable.
If you’d like to energize your business by understanding more about the energy of money, this is an audio you need to hear!


Audio Two: Discover The Energy Secrets Of the Masters To Benefit Your Business Today!

Learn the core of why some people are masters at creating what they want and some keep getting in their own way.
Understand the energetic secrets of the masters so you can apply them for yourself and experience more of what you want in your life and business.
One of the keys is that who you are ‘being’ as a business owner has an impact on your bottom line.
Therefore, by simply transmuting your limitations, you can create more of what you want, including: opportunities, relationships, resources and more.
In this 75-minute audio, you can learn:


  • Skills for understanding your connection to Self and Source
  • How to shift your perception and change your energetic state at will
  • How to see your energetic blocks, obstacles and barriers
  • The Five Secrets of the Masters – and how to apply them to business
  • A strategy to create more intentionally in life and business


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Audio Three: The Energy of Prosperous Business Success


  • “How can I know the energy of prosperous success in business when I’ve never experienced it?”
  • “How long does success take to happen? It’s taking too long!”
  • “How is it that others are so successful but I’ve been doing it longer and know more than they do and I’m still struggling?”

These are common questions that many entrepreneurs think to themselves, even if they don’t ask them out loud.
The energy of prosperous business success can feel elusive, and this audio will explore some of the reasons why.

One of the most important keys to prosperous success is
knowing what that means for you – something many people assume is about financial gain. The reality is that money is actually a limited concept in the greater sense.
It’s also not about working harder.
And you don’t have to wait for someone else to do something before they can get the results they desire to be successful.
Instead, you can create a ‘tipping point’ of leverage for your time.
Even more often, many entrepreneurs don’t recognize where they are already prosperous because there’s always so much more to do. They don’t take the time to see how far they’ve come or where they are in relation to their original success idea… they just keep going.
Some of what you will learn in this 75-minute audio:


  • The true definition of prosperity (hint: you are already living it).
  • The 5 scarcity myths that hold entrepreneurs mentally hostage from prosperous success.
  • Learn the key phrase that can reveal your current personal prosperity levels.
  • Find and flip ‘the switch’ that can instantly take you from struggle to success.
  • Understand how to create your prosperous success tipping point.
  • Use four words to experience your own success as it is in any moment.
  • Plus… the audio addresses on-the-spot personal questions!

To know the energy of prosperous business success and how you can experience more of it every day, order and listen to The Energy Series, designed specifically for entrepreneurs, right now.

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All three audios combined in The Energy Series are (really!) just $29.


3 reviews for The Energy Series: Money, Success And Secrets Of the Masters

  1. Mo Bailey, MCC, Founder of (Nat’l Assoc for Advancement of Baby Boomers) Coach-sultant, Speaker and Author


    Mo Bailey, MCC, Founder of (Nat’l Assoc for Advancement of Baby Boomers) Coach-sultant, Speaker and Author

    Lynn Scheurell gives the term “Infinite Wisdom” a new edge in her teachings related to Money and Life Cycles. She connects the dots to the ideas of “a wealth of knowledge” in business and in personal perspectives to establish, maintain and increase the flow of income. Turn up your ears for speed absorption and gather Lynn’s acumen into your life. It will do your mindset good!

  2. Patricia Deck, Fleetridge Estates, San Diego, CA


    Patricia Deck, Fleetridge Estates, San Diego, CA

    In working with Lynn, she continues to act in the presence of an emerging reality that clearly reflects my hopes and dreams. Her skills transform the whole system rather than putting a band-aid on one part of the whole! I have evolved and find myself utilizing new ways and means which are uplifting. Lynn inspires success! She lives in a field of being where all answers exist!

  3. Brenda Rex, Los Angeles, CA


    Brenda Rex, Los Angeles, CA

    What can I say but…WOW! You give of yourself at so many levels. While other mentors are distracted or have no depth, you – on the other hand – give the gift of listening and creating solutions that would have not otherwise been thought about.

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