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The Beyond Series

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A Three-Part Audio Series Dedicated To Exploring What’s Beyond The Growing Edge Of Chaos, Proactive Transformation And Conscious Language For Entrepreneurs

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The Old Ways No Longer Work – You MUST Go Beyond What You Know
To Create Success, Abundance And Happiness

A three-part audio series dedicated to exploring what’s beyond the growing edge of chaos, proactive transformation and conscious language for entrepreneurs.

One of the most perplexing conditions of modern living is that, as my (unknown-to-her) mentor Carolyn Myss says, we no longer have ‘mere’ problems.
Problems are cause and effect, which means that reasonable thinking should be able to solve them; however, we can now see that there are some situations that cannot be solved that simply.
Carolyn Myss says that we now have ‘holistic predicaments’ that require us to use a holistic systems approach to navigate, manage and/or address them in a new way.
The good news is that a predicament, by definition, invites our awareness in a new way.
What worked in the past isn’t working anymore, so we need to go beyond what’s known, familiar and expected to address and, ideally, resolve a predicament when it shows up with innovation, candor and courage.
Here are the top three predicaments that I consistently see high-energy entrepreneurs face:


  • Understanding chaos, having a framework for understanding the bigger picture and taking action on the physical plane
  • Owning personal power, while in the flux of creating proactive transformation and living in dynamic balance
  • Using conscious language with others and especially self (and how to do ‘deep listening’) to manifest intentional results

Each of these, left unaddressed, can wreak havoc with what you’re trying to create through your business. In this case, ignorance is decidedly NOT bliss!

The Beyond Series includes three powerful audios for just $29:


  • The Truth About Chaos: Six Frameworks for Understanding And Why It’s Difficult for Spiritually Aware People To Take Action On The Physical Plane
  • The Key To Your Personal Sovereignty: Proactive Transformation and Dynamic Creational Balance
  • Conscious Language with Yourself and Others: What to Say to Yourself And How to Deep Listen for Powerful Insights



Audio One: Where Chaos Reigns, Opportunity Multiplies

Chaos is turbulent, raw creational energy in its most primal form. And it’s what entrepreneurs live with every day (even if only in their own minds). ;-)
Like everything else, there is a shadow side and a light side to chaos. Either way, chaos is an invitation to grow.
However, the shadow side is where the most power lives and, in the Western culture, people have been conditioned to stay away from that kind of power.
Going into the shadow side of chaos is where you have the greatest opportunity to discover new sources of power.
The shadow of the entrepreneurial psyche is where ‘good stuff’ lives because it’s where we store the things that overwhelm us about ourselves and our abilities that we perceive as either negative or positive (like, needing validation, not knowing ‘enough’, not being loveable, natural talents that intimidate when recognized – like, how will your life change if you’re the next DaVinci?, etc.).
Altogether this means you are sitting on a hidden powder keg that contains the power to literally propel you to your next best level when you see, experience and use it.
So how do you do that? Because, when people DO tap into it, it changes everything. It feels messy, unfamiliar, uncomfortable and, well, generally chaotic. And that’s what the first audio of the Beyond Series covers.
You also need to see what’s unknown because that’s where chaos takes you in going to your next best level. Fortunately, there are six frameworks that you can use to understand your knowledge so you can sort out and ‘categorize’ what you learn or where you find yourself upon growing.
The bottom line is that the Universe wants you to become your best self because then it is ITS best self.
Consider yourself from the Universal perspective… seeing yourself trusting and following the energy of what’s presenting for you to help you learn and grow, innovating new solutions using what shows up as a ‘problem’, using every one of your challenges as the launch pad it is and focusing on forward momentum (vs. using old coping strategies to stay where it’s proven, comfortable and seems easy).
When you are growing through chaos, you are being invited to participate in new opportunities at a much faster rate. Opportunities multiply because they are born in the volatile environment of chaos.
Chaos is life.
And as a high-energy entrepreneur, it helps to have reminders, touch stones and a way to guide yourself through that process.

Audio One of The Beyond Series can help you discover:


  • the power of chaos and paradox in your life,
  • the meaning of feeling uncomfortable with it, and,
  • how to know what you’re experiencing with the six frameworks of understanding.




Audio Two: Be Sovereign for Predictable Transformation

Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a territory; in this case, sovereignty is about your business and your ability to be self-ruling – a requirement for success on any level.
But how do you know whether your ruler is a dictator or a just and benevolent royal? There’s a sure key to knowing and it’s revealed in this audio.
Everything you experience starts from the inside out.
Unfortunately, many people will spend their energy on trying to adapt to a situation without changing it and blindly forcing or pushing their way through it.
Or sometimes the focus is on complaining about it to people who can’t do anything about it. And then blaming the world for being as it is. As ineffective and powerless as it is, it’s a common response for many people.

Think of your energy in daily business like you have $1,000 in hand for that day. You get to choose where to put it; it’s your inner leader who makes that decision.

If you are spending energy on having to be right vs. being present to what is, or spending it on forcing something to happen vs. allowing what you’ve set up to come to you (good, bad or ugly), or spending it on complaining, resentment and blaming, it’s like you just scattered your energy for the day, throwing your $1000 to the wind.
Your money (your energy) didn’t work FOR you. It didn’t change your circumstance and it didn’t leave you stronger at the end of the day, so it wasn’t a good investment.
And that is what being your own best sovereign leader can do for you – make better, more informed decisions that get you moving toward your desires.
Now, in moving toward your desires, we are generally conditioned to think our way to success.
The reality is that your mind is a historian, processing off what it knows already – you have to go beyond that to achieve new success (or you would have had it already with what you know, right?). You need fresh information to know how to go beyond where you’ve been for proactive and predictable transformation.
Here’s the gist – everything that is happening for you right now is the result of a decision, conscious or unconscious, that you made for yourself or that you allowed someone to make for you. When you proactively, intentionally and deliberately make decisions (again, from a place of sovereignty), things can change really quickly.
Basically, the creative decision-making process is a big exchange network where you match up with what you decide to have or become in your life. And there is a seven-step process that you can easily use to create what you want that is a teaching in this audio.
Naturally, once you understand the truth of chaos and know how to make sovereign decisions , you require a dynamic creational balance while living the results of your transformation.
When you are in dynamic creational balance, you use aspects of your world around you to tell you how you are balancing; when you apply the key element of personal sovereignty, you get less wobble in your balance.

Audio Two of The Beyond Series can help you discover:

  • the meaning, extent and responsibility of your personal sovereignty,
  • the true power and process of making informed decisions, and,
  • a seven-step process that you can use to create what you want.


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Audio Three: Words Expand or Contract Your World

Your awareness, or consciousness, is the determining factor of the quality of your life.
To the degree you can perceive that you are happy is to the degree that you can be happy.
Consciousness is translated from within your being into words, so that you can name your experience.
When you share your words, or your consciousness, you are sharing that which is your ineffable power. Words are literally your spirit spoken.
By changing one word, you expand or contract spirit as it is present in your world. (For example, I better do before I forget vs. I choose to do while I remember – different vibration there, right?)
Your words reveal your beliefs, and your distortions in your beliefs, which ultimately determine your outcomes. Your language patterns reveal your personal truths.
As an entrepreneur, that generally has a huge impact on what happens in your business. If you’re not getting the results you expected, you have to consider your communication.

Communication is normally an ‘unlearned’ skill
because we just pick it up as we grow. We unconsciously observe how others interact with each other and then we develop our own style of communication and using language to express ourselves.
As a result, many people don’t have the most basic communication skills, much less the awareness to use conscious language as a powerful manifestation tool.
Even more damaging is the way most people talk to themselves; their inner critic is controlling their self-dialogue with hurtful and punishing words that they would never say to someone else.
The rub is that you, like everyone else, believe your own thoughts are normal because you think them all the time. You don’t know when you’re not thinking properly and potentially damaging yourself in the process.
Beyond that, we often don’t know how to create a shift by sharing our thoughts as they are because we’re afraid of being judged, feeling vulnerable, or we don’t know what to look for or have a process to use in beginning a different kind of self-talk.
Add to that the challenge of deep listening as a skill and it’s a powerful combination for disassociation from self, Source and others.
For too many people, listening is only waiting to talk again. They already have in their minds what they’re going to say when the other person stops talking, which means they’re not present with what the other person is actually sharing nor with the energy that is presenting in that moment.
They’ve lined up their words which, by the time they’re said, may not be relevant anymore because they are reacting to what was instead of what is in the moment.
If you are a provider of transformational services, healing, coaching or anything that has to do with helping people to grow, that is the virtual kiss of death.
This – conscious language, self-talk and deep listening – is a major learning point for many people because these are skills not normally taught in a ‘run of the mill’ business environment.
And teachers of such subjects are rare because it takes intense personal awareness, sensitivity, accountability, attention to re-patterning and self-analysis to cultivate and hone their skills over time for themselves, much less figure out how to teach them in a powerful and meaningful way.
It’s not for the faint of heart, this choice to learn conscious language… and yet, it’s the one thing that can create nearly instant shifts in the quality of life for everyone who discovers it.
While I think of myself as a student of language, others say I am a master in the art of profound conversation. And, truth be told, part of my living comes from being a writer for hire as well as from having profound conversations focused on helping my clients connect the dots of their lives to unleash their hidden personal power into productivity. Words and I are fast friends in either the written or verbal medium.
And that’s why I’m teaching Conscious Language with Yourself and Others in this audio.
If any of this message resonates with you (which could feel like a sting, a ping or a ‘charge’, by the way…), then consider this your invitation to create a powerful shift in your life and business by exploring conscious language, positive self-talk and the skills of deep listening.

Audio Three of The Beyond Series can help you discover:

  • how your language patterns reveal your personal truths,
  • the keys of authentic communication through deep listening, and,
  • the tenets of positive self-talk.


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All audios include a Learning Guide (pdf) to visually comprehend the teachings as well.


Invest in the three-part Beyond Series to discover how to “go beyond” where you are now with clarity.


2 reviews for The Beyond Series

  1. Benjy Portnoy,


    Benjy Portnoy,

    Lynn Scheurell strikes again! You take hopes and seeds and weave them into dreams and magic. Thank you. Again.

  2. Hannah Wolniewitz,


    Hannah Wolniewitz,

    First of all, I want to tell you how much I LOVE your mastery of language. Your ease of describing such abstract concepts and passing them along to all of us to grasp is not simple but you do it so well.
    I laughed out loud after the first class (not at the material but the appropriateness) when I sent you questions and then I listened to the 2nd class – almost the exact wording from my questions was used to explain and I had listened AFTER the live session! (SO awesome!) I decided to hold my questions after that because sure enough – I processed and then you answered during the class. You have given me lots to work on, write, read, cut and burn. I am deeply grateful for your brilliance.

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