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The Answer Series

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A Four-Hour Audio Series That Addresses The Six Key Areas Where The Majority Of The Obstacles, Stumbling Blocks And Challenges Show Up For Entrepreneurs

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Get Answers To Get Going In Your Business!

A four-hour audio series that addresses the six key stumbling blocks, obstacles and challenges that entrepreneurs surveyed said holds them back from greater fulfillment, visibility and productivity in life and business. The six key areas covered include: Soul Song, The Big F’s, Distortions, Business Self-Esteem, Old GPS and Practical How-Tos.

Entrepreneurs asked… and this Series gives Answers! The first audio is an overview; the rest of The Answer Series goes into greater depth on each topic.

This is core stuff
so it’s going to touch on something for pretty much everybody – including you.
My commitment is that you get at least one breakthrough insight or a-ha in anything I deliver to you that can rock your world, including each Answer Series audio.
If you want to hear the original Answer Class, a singular audio where I touched on each of the six ‘thought buckets’, you can download and listen right away for $14.95 here:

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Invest in that one audio or read on to explore the whole Answer Series to get fresh insights and breakthrough business results.

Going Deeper


Many entrepreneurs often report that they get stuck, discouraged or even blocked by seemingly huge challenges. Even more, they don’t know how to resolve them so they either loop around in repeating patterns or, ultimately, give up on their business dreams.

The good news is that most of these blocks and barriers distill into six key areas as follows:

Audio One:


 1. Soul Song:

How do I know what I’m really here to do, what my gifts are and make a meaningful difference? There is an illusory container that limits living your soul song – and you can shatter it when you know how.

 2. The Big F:

The assorted fears that come up that become paralyzing
, including: fear of judgment, having to leave people behind, making a decision and then getting bored with it and being trapped and more.
Then there are the deeper fears, such as fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of fitting in, fear of freaking out and more literally suck the life out of your momentum – that can really feel damaging. When you understand the invitation in the fear, you can turn it into productive focus.
To gain clarity on your soul song and the big fears that can stop you fast, this audio covers such topics as:


  • Your instant all-access key to knowing your life purpose
  • How to trust your instincts about your purpose
  • How to articulate your life purpose to grow your business
  • Why it’s vital to feel your success before you can see it
  • How your life purpose is special and unique
  • Why you undervalue your gifts in business
  • The seven hidden motivators under your behavior
  • The six most common masks of fear
  • How fear manifests through your business
  • The single question you can ask to reveal your fear
  • How to transform fear into powerful growth
  • Top five strategies to effectively address fear
  • And more, based on questions asked in the moment…


Audio Two:


 3. Distortions:

The dysfunctional core beliefs that twist your clarity in making decisions and progress, like confusing consciousness with transformational or healing arts, the imposter phenomenon (if they really knew me, they’d know I don’t know what I’m doing and leave me), approaching clients with what you think they need and/or what you have to sell (vs. trusting your tools to guide you in meeting their in-the-moment need) and how to see through them.

4. Business Self-Esteem:

To be more specific, LACK of business self-esteem
– not being able to speak about your business with confidence, not knowing you have something valuable to offer, etc. – undermines your results. Learn how to gain confidence and use your business as a power tool for self-esteem.
To pull apart the distortions that twist your clarity in make decisions and progress, as well as understand and handle how the lack of business confidence undermines your results, listen to the third audio in the Answer Series:


  • The two core fears that face nearly every entrepreneur
  • Why distortions in business are like going swimsuit shopping in a fun house mirror
  • The true meaning of confusion
  • What really happens when you hold two conflicting ideas simultaneously
  • How to find the distortion affecting your perceptions
  • A Buddhist teaching that can change your business
  • Why experiencing discomfort is better than running away from it
  • How cravings create greater discomfort when you yield to them
  • How your business can be your greatest personal development tool
  • Why your potential clients might not be able to see you
  • The valid reason you might be undercharging
  • The curse of the renaissance soul in business
  • 12 ways to build your business self-esteem
  • The secret ingredient to experiencing more success
  • 10 factors that reveal if your boundaries are being ignored
  • Five steps to building and enforcing healthy boundaries


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Key Catalyst Teaching From The Answer Series:


Entrepreneuring isn’t about fame and fortune first – those are natural by-products of doing what you love in the right way and using the right manifestation formula for you.


Figure out your freedom formula and you’ll be making a living from who you are! ;-)


 Audio Three:


5. Old GPS:

As you’ve grown your business, you’re still trying to navigate by old systems, like leaning on a learned coping strategy of being invisible for safety, nurturing others at your own expense and having a lack mentality. This is not a ‘Guiding Profit System’ that will work for you to become abundant – discover what you can do to see your GPS with fresh perspective for new choices.

6. Practical How-To’s:

Basically, the business side of business can trip entrepreneurs up (from setting up a teleclass to writing copy to how to speak to a group and more…). Listen to hear the answers entrepreneurs received from asking their questions.
To re-calibrate your GPS (Guiding Profit System) and learn practical how-to’s in business that are usually taught in more intensive programs, listen to audio four to learn:


  •  How your GPS got programmed
  • Which three factors have the most significant impact on your internal GPS
  • What changes the compass that guides your decisions every day
  • The four types of revenue models you need to know
  • How to choose the best website from four different types
  • What it means to have a signature system
  • The five questions that will help you ‘future’ your GPS
  • The one sure-fire way to upgrade your GPS
  • What seven key points you need to know about the business of business
  • How to set SMART goals
  • What you can do to learn your personal manifestation formula


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What participants have said…

“I tried to take notes but you were giving so much quality so quick that I had to throw my pen across the room and just listen!”
“Well-organized, cohesive, powerful, amazing… a great introduction to key concepts for a better life!”
“You gave info that most gurus sell for hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars! The value is priceless – you gave specific things to work with right now. Just take even one thing – the audio logo, the personal manifestation formula, how to be transparent, what to know about over-giving and others – and really work with it, and it will be life-changing with lasting impact!”


The entire Answer Series is more than four hours of intense insights that can literally change the course of your business… and it’s just $39!


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The right answers are powerful… here’s to taking action, gaining new freedom and enjoying new momentum in your business!

2 reviews for The Answer Series

  1. Christie Love, Houston, TX.


    Christie Love, Houston, TX.

    I truly believe a higher power sent you to me. From the first time I viewed your site, something kept pulling me back. As you know, I was completely shocked and felt a divine connection occurring when I was referred to you by a mutual friend. Let me just tell you, the conversation we had for what seemed like a few short minutes was AWE INSPIRING! You brought abundant energy to a business vision that faded due to my lack of confidence and results. My spark has come back to make my company a success and now I have the perfect mentor to guide me along the right path. After just 20 minutes, I now have a plan, a mission, and the resources to make my vision a reality. What makes your work so amazing is that you make me feel as though bringing my business to success is your only focus. And for that, I appreciate you.

  2. Joy Randall,


    Joy Randall,

    Your courses and recordings are well thought out and planned. Not only do you deliver great content and create an eager desire for the next step, you frame the entire process and path AND pre-qualify those you work with by the work they do.

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