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Positive Motivation Screensaver

Program Your PC Environment For Success


As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to maximize everything around you to support you in being who you are and doing what you do by sharing your wisdom through your business.

Everything around you sends messages both consciously AND subconsciously to you about who you are being, your business, your energy and your results.
The bottom line: what’s ‘in here’ is ‘out there’ and what’s ‘out there’ is ‘in here’. Your environment has a HUGE impact on how you are experiencing your life every day.
Program your environment – including your computer’s downtime! – with positive messages to inspire you with this screensaver of beautiful images AND motivational quotes.

Use your computer to give you positive messages with 25 rotating high quality images and inspirational quotes from the masters of success in life and business.


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Not only will you be inspired by the wisdom of others, the pictures bring nature into your environment so you can breathe and feel re-energized anytime you see your screensaver.
This screensaver is all about positive energy in your environment. And that’s what can help you get centered back into what really matters for you.
Upon registration, you will get a download link with an .exe file; save that to your desktop. When saved, it will ask if you want to run it – say yes to that. The screensaver will automatically be installed as your screensaver – you shouldn’t have to do anything else to make it work for you.


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And, unfortunately, this is designed to run on PC’s only… I’m sorry to say this will not run on a Mac computer. (I’m hoping to get that changed but that’s the way it is for now!). Per my counsel, I also have to state a disclaimer here… it’s a clean program but we cannot be held responsible if anything goes sideways. (It never has that I know of! But I had to be clear about that…) May you enjoy it…! :+)



If you have questions about the programs and services that I offer to support you in
going within to change the world through outer expression in business,

please call 1-760-534-4770.

To Inspiring Your Success in Every Way!