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GEENI 7 Day Ecourse

Upgrade Your Life in the Next 7 Days!

A Revolutionary 5 Key System To Help You Understand The Results
You’ve Been Getting AND How To Upgrade Them By Applying Simple Insights

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People do it all the time – they use getting more of what they think they want as a measure of how successful they are in life.
It’s not a really good measure because if, for example, success for you means money, and you don’t have enough of it, you likely interpret that to mean that you’ve failed somehow. And that’s not necessarily true… it’s more likely a matter that you haven’t learned something yet.
There’s another dynamic occurring here that underlies your decisions; basically, it’s the pleasure / pain principle where you go for what you want and away from what you don’t want.
But if you’re not making progress as you’ve been going toward what you want, you’re like to feel robbed, drained or, at the very least, frustrated.
In all of that, you might find yourself confused, sending mixed messages or getting too far into a complex situation (which means drama, struggle and chaos). When that’s occurring, you probably can’t see where you are, much less how to create something different.

Reclaim Your Personal Power With Insight


13178824_sBut with the instantaneous shift of perspective, it’s possible to reclaim your power from your experience when you understand that everything is happening FOR you, not TO you.
And when you understand the language of the Universe in teaching you what you need to get to your next best level, more aligned with who you are, and growing as a result of your experiences, you have met your personal ‘GEENI™’ for change.
It’s all about you becoming more aligned with who you are at your core – in your soul, your essence, your BEing.

A Fresh Perspective On Your Experience


To understand what’s happening in your life, you have to get out of your own way.

bamboo shoots
To get out of your own way, you have to see where you’re stuck in your ‘stuff’ and get some fresh input on what’s happening. There really is a greater picture for anything you’re experiencing in your life right now.
Just like the earth looks like a blue ball from space, your life looks easy to understand when you can get that same kind of bigger perspective on it.
You can test that right now – think back to a situation that was difficult at the time, consider how it came to be in your life and you can probably connect the dots now that you couldn’t see then.
The same thing is true for what’s happening in your life now – you just need a new vantage point from which to connect your dots to understand the changes that are occurring to help you get to your next best level.

Do Something Different Now


To get started, it’s vital to…

  • recognize that you what you have is not what you want,
  • evaluate what you love and can use in a new way, and,
  • get rid of what isn’t working anymore.

And that’s where the GEENI for Change™ system can help you.

If You Don’t Do Something Different,
Your Tomorrow Will Look the Same As Today… Right?


What you can do right now is register for this no-obligation e-course, make sure Lynn’s email is in your white list to avoid any spam filters, and then watch your inbox for the next week.

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In the words of others…


Kathy Nelson“Love love, love your bright, deep, wonderful writing and guidance. What a woman, what a soul you are. I am grateful for you, your writings and presence in my life this year. You are so awesome.”

~ Kathy Nelson,





“My favorite Intuitive Business Coach – what a powerful awakening Lynn was able to pull out of me. She is such a special woman!”

~ Karen Scharf,



“So great to have a chance to work with you again; we connected about 2 years ago for a session and wow! I did not have a context for what you shared at the time, but holy guacamole! Since then things have unfolded exactly as you shared…amazing!”

~ Sheri Mortko,





“Thanks for all you do, for being conscious, and for articulating it so well. You have a wonderful heart, Lynn.”

~ Suzanne Whitaker,





“Things are changing at the speed of light for many people, those that will help lead the way, and you my friend are the master powerhouse when it comes to leading.”

~ Jacque Weiss,






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