Creative Catalyst | Do People Expand In Your Presence?
Cultivating expansion creates the conditions for others to trust, connect and expand with you - the most priceless value you can offer through your business.
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Do People Expand In Your Presence?


By Lynn Scheurell

There are those among us who have the unique presence that allows others to let down their shields and relax into who they are with ease. In that moment of connection, people know they will not be judged, feel safe on multiple levels and accepted for their being rather than their doing.

You know you’re experiencing this when you feel comfortable with someone, find yourself sharing what you didn’t plan to talk about and feeeeeel good after your connection. That experience will carry forward with you as you move through your day and you will likely find yourself attracted to spending time with that person as much as possible to retain that expansive feeling.

Conversely, if you are the person who transmutes the energy that ‘is’ through your presence to shift the environments and people around you into allowing their most juicy expressions, you do it without thinking about it. It’s likely that you are centered in your being and have a high degree of alignment between your inner and outer worlds.

As a business owner, it is this quality that people respond to when considering whether they want to work with you or purchase your product. (“I’ll have what she’s having…”)

If you want to cultivate your ability to be that person, here are three things you can do today.

1. Practice acceptance.

When you accept yourself, warts and all, you can accept others without judgment. When you practice something – anything – you give yourself the gift of getting good at it. The next time you have a judgment, negative thought or assumption about yourself or someone else, relax that thought and, instead, choose to emanate love and compassion. Allow that self-quality, person or moment to be exactly what it is rather than trying to change it into something else.

2. Reflect light from every source.

What you focus on expands. Light means both the energy of the sun (for example) and also moving through life without excess weight. A concentrated light becomes a laser while a diffused light is a warm glow. How you reflect light determines what you can see in the world around you. When you mirror light from your inner clarity outward, from and through the people you meet, soaked in from the sun, reflected in a smile, exchanged in fun banter with a stranger, you feel lighter… and so does your world and the people in it. Take in the light from where you find it and share it forward.

3. Be congruent.

Be the best version of yourself by aligning your thoughts, words, choices and actions in every moment. Consistency, follow-through and commitment build self-confidence and inner expansion, which creates the natural condition to create outer expansion of self and others. When you encounter incongruency in self or others, recognize that as an opportunity to live with a new level of integrity. You’ll know it when your inner experience feels ‘off’ – that is the misalignment causing a kink in your inner system. You (and others) are always doing the best you can with what you know. By paying attention to where you can be more congruent, you remove the façade, mask, persona or distraction and, therefore, gain access to new personal power for expansion.

As you consciously cultivate expansion, you are creating the conditions for a high degree of trust. When others can trust you, they can relax into connection with you. And that is the priceless value you can offer to others through your business.

© 2013 Lynn M. Scheurell


About the Author: Making the most of human nature since 1998, Lynn M. Scheurell is an authority for forward-thinking entrepreneurs who desire to create intentional business success by connecting the dots between inner and outer beliefs and business expression.  Changing the world starts by understanding your motivations, inspirations and purpose; in other words, changing the world starts within you. Only then can you apply your intensity through strategic business models, systems and focused action to create conscious, and often dramatic, results. See


  • Luz28 April 2013

    Lynn, if I had to name a mentor that has ever created expansion in my life and business, it is you. Some of the most important things I have learned while working with you, is the power of your incredible love and compassion, which paired with your creativity and alignment have inspired me to reach new levels of being in my personal and professional life. You walk your talk, and I will always always be immensely grateful for having you in my life. Thank your for this article!

    • Lynn Scheurell28 April 2013

      I appreciate your acknowledgement, Luz Mara… and celebrate your momentum! :+)

  • Patricia Weber28 April 2013

    This kind of thing happens to me regularly Lynn, where people I am just meeting end up telling me a chapter of their life story. This article affirms that it’s a positive thing.


    • Lynn Scheurell28 April 2013

      That’s no wonder, Pat… you’re an incredible source of light and a wise woman! Glad to know that this validates what you’re up to… (and thank you for tweeting to share it forward!) ;+)

  • Anne Houlihan28 April 2013

    Lynn, Thank you loved your blog today. I most definetly expereince expansion in my conversations and interactions. I never knew what was going on for years. I would be having a conversationa and people would almost get teary eyed.
    Wasen’t until later I realized, because I was acknowledging their authenticity and coming from that space myself they were engaging in theirs. It feels wonderful to be our authentic selves in the business world. It took me many years to give myself permission to be in that place and is such freedom. I am starting to write my first book about the integration. And of course, my company name is ” Satori”.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Lynn Scheurell28 April 2013

      That’s wonderful, Anne… and yes! To be authentic in every way AND be able to earn a living as an independent entrepreneur is freedom… ;+) Congratulations on beginning your first book – the time is now! ;+)

  • Becky Detrick28 April 2013

    Lynn, I am working on all of these in my life, especially number 1. Thanks for the words of advice!

    • Lynn Scheurell28 April 2013

      We’re not conditioned for perception or discernment, much less full acceptance… instead, we learn how to judge and resist what is… one of my clients was talking about the cultural differences of relationships the other day. She said that other cultures value the relationship more than they value being right, as one example, so they will accept more readily whatever occurs in the relationship from the other, whereas here in the U.S. we value our independence so much that we will discard the relationship before accepting something we don’t like…so fascinating…! At any rate, I’m glad you resonated wtih this Becky – keep up the positive momentum! ;+)