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Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis

Make Good Art


By Lynn Scheurell Being on the entrepreneurial edge sometimes means doing something that has never been done before, never been seen before but is absolutely that which you must express. The expression of your motivations, passion and message changes the world. Make good art. :+) ...


Breaking Out Of The Status Quo

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By Lynn Scheurell For many people, one of the main goals in life is to achieve a certain level of material comfort and then do what it takes to maintain it (or add to financial reserves). And we humans are hard-wired to do just that –...


7 Steps To Living Bigger


By Lynn Scheurell   “Children should be seen and not heard.”   “Who do you think you are?”   “You’re bigger than your britches.”   We are often unknowingly conditioned to think we are meant to live small. For many of us, the growing up process is predicated on all the influences around...

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Know What You Know


By Lynn Scheurell In my work with entrepreneurs who are creating a business as a means of expressing their life purpose, leaving a bigger footprint and generating a living, there are many times that it becomes evident that people aren’t listening to what they already know. One...


Evolve Yourself To Extraordinary


By Lynn Scheurell This is it – no dress rehearsal, no do-overs and no turning back time. THIS is your life! And it can be absolutely magical and extraordinary by understanding and embodying just three key commitments. Make no mistake – it’s not for the faint...

The New Entrepreneur

Personal Wisdom Discoveries


By Lynn Scheurell In reflecting what has brought me to today – this personal and special point in time and space that is my birthday – I am in gratitude for it all. All the moving pieces of experience have created the evolving masterpiece of me. I...

Prepare Your Mind

Prepare Your Mind


By Lynn Scheurell Several years ago, I went to a monastery just outside Escondido, CA. This place of sacred community is the CA home for Thich Nath Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist. He is considered by many to be the...