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Business Vision Mapping



Turn Your Business Vision Into Reality


With A Personal Business Vision Map




A Highly Personalized Consultation to Develop A Customized One-Page Business Vision Map For Absolute Clarity in Marketplace, Positioning and Strategy, Product Development Priorities and Optimal Mix of Packaged Services for Growing Your Business


Yes, I Want My Map Now!



As a business owner, it’s fairly certain that you have conflicting priorities and a never-ending to-do list that comes with launching or growing your business. Some all-too-common scenarios that you might be facing which can hold you back:


  • You have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into a viable business model.
  • You don’t know what to do next because you’re in overwhelm.
  • You don’t know the questions you need to be asking.
  • You don’t really understand the dynamics of business.
  • You don’t know what products to develop or in what order or when to start.
  • Your clients don’t understand how to access what you do.
  • Your value isn’t clear to YOU – much less to anyone else.




What’s the net effect for you?



Your lack of clarity and not having a map to guide you are:
wasting your time…
leaving money on the table… AND
losing opportunities, potential clients AND strategic future growth!



Michelle Price

“I feel like Lynn just handed me the keys to my new 745i – without me having to lift a finger, in under 2 hours, she got my most profitable ideas out of my head and onto paper for me while we spoke, and wove them together into a cohesive, inspiring business model through this vision map and marketing development plan, In fact, she emailed it to me all complete before we got off the phone! This is nothing short of amazing…all I have to do is follow the map and it’s done. Do yourself a favor and stop procrastinating – give yourself the gift of a Business Vision Mapping session with Lynn today!”


~ Michelle Price, Social Media / Marketing Strategist, San Diego, CA

The Advantage of A Business Vision Map


In everyday life, a map documents the terrain and is used to guide the shortest, easiest and quickest path to the final destination.
A Business Vision Map ensures that you know where you’re going with your vision and why it makes a difference to your potential clients.
A Business Vision Map quickly plots the moving pieces of how to translate your idea into a viable business model, including your unique value proposition that you offer and how to package and price it.
And the Business Vision Map is a powerful visual to quickly and easily communicate strategic growth strategies and product offers to your team (your VA, web designer, copywriter, etc.) -and possibly even your potential clients.



If you don’t know where you are and where you are headed, you’re not going anywhere…



You can literally forecast your future by investing in a personalized Business Vision Map!
Your Business Vision Map will tell you how to schedule your product development priorities, prepare for potential hurdles, and organize your ideas into something you can use in communicating your business vision.


Having the focused clarity of a tangible business vision map allows you to:


    • make decisions quickly and easily in alignment with where you want to go.
    • assess your resource needs (like outsourcing, using technology, etc.).
    • understand how your clients will progress through what you offer.
    • crystallize your core marketing messages about the value of your solution.
    • allocate your resources more effectively.



You Are Literally One Map Away From Having Crystal Clarity


This dynamic and essential personal session distills your business vision into a tangible action plan that you can use right away to get your business to its next level, whether you are launching it for the first time or re-vamping it for a fresh start.
By the end of our time together, you will have a one-sheet document that looks a bit like the one pictured just below – it isn’t fancy, but it’s PACKED with clear direction and what you need to know about growing your business.



If you are clear about what you want, the world responds with clarity. ~ Loretta Staples


By using the business vision map as a practical, yet strategic, tool, you can determine your next best steps in marketing, product development and client relationships. 


The Power of Experience and Knowledge


To chart your best course through any unknown territory, a map is invaluable in giving you information to guide your journey.

However, if you don’t know how to use a map (much less chart your course), you need someone who knows how to read it and put new information into it. You don’t know what you haven’t seen before and you may not know what questions to ask to get the information you need to make a solid decision.
So, how do you address that? Just like in any other situation, you hire experience. You hire an experienced mapmaker to chart your course!


Yes, I Want My Map Now!


A seasoned business development guide who knows how to translate who you are and the value of what you offer in a clear way can optimize your resources and show you the fastest path to get where you want to go. This includes knowing how to pull your answers out of you and getting them into a format that makes sense for you (and your business!).


You get answers to the questions you don’t know you should be asking, and the benefit of decades of entrepreneurial expertise delivered to you through an efficient one-time experience that will blow your business socks off. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or office – we do it over the phone or Skype!




Perenna Fleming

Before I worked with Lynn on the business vision map, I was only doing coaching sessions. I never saw how other products could work with what I do. Now I have a plan and some of it is already happening! I could not have done this without her wise guidance and knowledge. She helped me to see my potential and draw out of me what else I could be doing to bring in additional sources of revenues to my business. Thank you Lynn!


~ Perenna Fleming,



 What We’ll Be Doing Together…


During our extended phone session, we cover a lot of ground quickly so I record it for your convenience. And before we complete our session, you will receive via email a one-page document as your map that shows:


Telescope on Map ca. 2001

  • Your clarity around what you actually do
  • What you REALLY offer that’s valuable
  • Who will best benefit from what you offer
  • Ideas on where to find your potential clients
  • Your core marketing messages and optimal marketing strategies
  • The best ‘taste-test’ products as lead-generators 
  • Your distinct, progressive “calls to action”
  • Price points for your offers
  • Timing your future product development priorities
  • And more…

Afterward, you’ll receive an audio recording so that you can listen again for your clarity. (You should know that my business vision mapping clients have said that they’ve taken courses for months and attended workshops to get this kind of information and still didn’t have it until this session with me!)
A quick note: don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is easy to do… it’s deceptively simple, and that’s because you have chosen the right guide to map out your business vision.


The right mapmaker is someone who has experience, expertise and skill but also, in this case, someone who can tap into the power of your focused intensity and pull your best information out to put into your business vision map.
This is a powerful tool to help you focus your efforts on the areas that will make the most difference in growing your business. It saves you energy and potentially YEARS of wandering around in your business, trying to figure out what you really do for your clients.


Your Investment



So what’s your investment for this personalized business vision map that can guide you in achieving your business success faster and easier?
Many of the world’s most expensive items are packed into a small package – gold, tanzanite, titanium – and the same is true for your Business Vision Map.
Your Business Vision Map, which documents for you in a clear, strategic, practical, personal way that you can use right away to build your business with clarity, focus and insights for faster results, is $997. (Remember, that also includes you becoming educated on what you don’t know and how to organize all the moving parts of your business vision – it’s priceless!!!)
(Frankly, that’s a small investment considering that you could waste a lot of your resources going down the wrong roads, not knowing what you don’t know and spending time on what won’t help you in the long run.)
The customized business development plan that you will receive from this session would cost you thousands of dollars more if you were to hire a consultant, buy into a guru program or try to figure it out on your own. Your most precious asset is your time – and your Business Vision Map makes the most of your time with a compact delivery, clear action steps and a strategic plan that is relevant and makes sense for your business.



Tom Buford“Lynn is a real life-saver. Coming up with new business ideas has never been a problem for me. However, having a clear purpose and direction to go has been problem in the past. Well, it’s a problem no longer. Now I know where to turn. Spending just one hour with Lynn took weeks, if not months, off of my new business’ development curve. The Business Vision Map that she created for me was effortless on my part and is a tool that allows me to truly visualize the future of my business. Her intuitive and insightful coaching allowed us to map out the steps that I will take next week and in future months with my business. How exciting! This really is priceless. Thank you Lynn!”

~ Tom Buford,

Your Next Step


“Yes, I am ready to have my own Business Vision Map to clarify my vision, lay out the plan to actualize my potential, help more people and make more money. Chart my course NOW!!!”


~ The Words of A Decisive Entrepreneur ;=)



Now that you’re ready to chart your business direction for the fastest results possible, it’s time to get your own Business Vision Map for $997.



Yes, I Want My Map Now!


Just click the order button above and when my system receives notice of your order, you’ll get an email to schedule our session asap as well as a pre-session business assessment.



One last thought: A Business Vision Map is the sure-fire way to get new energy moving, know you’re making good decisions for your business, and forge the path you want to take intentionally… let this be your moment to have that kind of clarity in hand. The future of your business is depending on it.





I look forward to supporting you and your business vision in gaining clarity.


To Mapping Your Business Vision Today ~




(aka, Business Vision Mapmaker)

P.S.: You should know that this is one of my signature services – and that I guarantee my work… this is risk-free for you! (In all the years I’ve been doing business, the only time I’ve refunded money is because someone said I was delivering too much content in a group class!) I guarantee this session will give you a new foundation for your business!!! :+)


P.P.S.: If you’re still thinking about it, let me ask you… what’s it worth to you to shave years off your effectively growing your business? ;=)






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To Changing The World Through Your Focused Intensity!