Creative Catalyst | 7 Keys To Creating An Inspired Business
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7 Keys To Creating An Inspired Business

Build A Business That Creates The Change That Matters To You


A 7-Day E-course With Tips, Tools And Practical Insights To Support You In Creating An Inspired AND Successful Business

Many new or inspired entrepreneurs tend to look around them for validation, give extra weight to other people’s opinions, or think they don’t know enough to make an important decision.
It’s the Achilles heel of going beyond what’s familiar to you in starting or upleveling a business because you’re inspired to do so.
If you’re drawn to this topic, then there’s obviously something that you want to proactively change or create in the world.
mcc_400x300HOZ_set2-4And having access to ‘power keys’ is a shortcut to making your business stronger, more viable financially and easier to do all the way around.
Each of these keys is a proven process for positive business change. Of course, the degree of the results is up to you.
Over the course of the next seven days, you will receive emails about what can make or break an inspired business. This includes topics like:

  • Authentic communication,
  • Sharing your passion with your audience,
  • Understanding and attracting your ideal clients,
  • Claiming your value in every way,
  • Honoring and inspire the people around you – clients included!,
  • And a lot more.

To register for this no-obligation e-course, make sure Lynn’s email is in your white list to avoid any spam filters, and then watch your inbox for the next week.

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By the way, there is no cost for this ecourse… so what are you waiting for? You can begin learning about creating a successful and inspired business starting right now – just register above to make it happen!

In the words of my clients:
“What you really do is teach people to find their great longing for the endless immensity that is theirs alone… and yet, is connected to that of every other soul…”

~ Carrie Mayes,


Elizabeth Morgan“What I love about you, Lynn, that I’ve never expressed until now is how you blend absolute support for a person along with letting their own soul lead. You’ll call people on bullshit if needed (and I’ve needed it at times) but if something you suggest doesn’t feel right or an idea doesn’t resonate, you’re OK with that. You push change and achieving our potential – not your viewpoint. If we need to go at it from a different angle, you’re cool with that. If we disagree, you ask questions and – so long as we’re not playing games with ourselves – you trust and encourage our inner knowing. One of the many things I respect about you is you don’t want to be a guru either. Teacher, mentor, coach – sure… but not a guru. It’s an important distinction. I love how you set up environments that feel completely safe (and are!), receptive and encouraging. I just wanted to say “thank you” because this feels like an important but often ignored component of your work and it is a significant part of what has enabled me to move forward. THANK YOU!”

~ Elizabeth Morgan,




If you have questions about the programs and services that I offer to support you in
creating an inspired AND successful business that adds value to the world,

please call 1-760-534-4770.


To Your Catalyzed Success!