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Lynn Scheurell
Teaching Quantum Entrepreneuring
To Catalyze Your Business Results

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Lynn Scheurell, The Creative Catalyst, is a visionary pioneer and teacher of metaphysical clarity for entrepreneurs. As an authority in conscious business, she is a leading proponent that one’s business challenges are the ultimate tool for personal growth.

And Lynn has a rare skill as a gifted intuitive and high communicator with solid experience in helping thousands reach new personal freedom and success through business since 1998.

Internationally known for her empowering and inclusive approach, Lynn teaches entrepreneurs how to access quantum energy to translate their experiences into new perception to make better decisions and transform their results.

Which Growth Opportunity Are You Experiencing?

(Or, What You Need To Master For Happiness, Health And Wealth)



Bold Vision

Seeing the future and allowing it to pull you forward is the key to life success.

Speaking Truth

Being able to communicate with integrity, honesty and conviction builds relationships.

Profound Influence

Your influence is a result of the way the people in your world perceive you are showing up.

Practical Clarity

Being clear is the prerequisite to creating your big vision and living your best life in practical terms.

Taking Action

The only way things change is by following through on what you know to be true for yourself.

Personal Power

Being in your power benefits your work, your clients and, ultimately, your self-fulfillment.

What Do You Want?

Get New Momentum

Get unstuck, break the inertia and take new action toward what you want in life and business.

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Accelerate Purpose

The shortcut to achievement is being aligned in who you are and what you do; know yourself to get congruent.

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Unleash Your Potential

Get out of overwhelm and into working the critical inch of your projects with ease, focus and clarity.

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Entrepreneurial success is the result of hard work and good strategic planning. As an authority in conscious business, Lynn Scheurell – the Creative Catalyst – transforms your vision and wisdom into practical terms to create inspired success through both business and personal growth.


In helping you find a bold vision and brandable identity for your business, you gain the clarity you need to make good choices and create positive change in and for your business. Growing from a simple concept to a ‘real’ business is the transformation that happens when you unleash your potential, connect who you are and what you care about with your business, and prioritize your resources to make the most of your opportunities in life and business.


Finding time to be successful and make the world a better place means a highly organized and systematic approach to using your time and energy. An intuitive business coach, Lynn Scheurell from Creative Catalyst transforms your business while providing personal growth that accelerates your results.


To catalyze your business, download the ebook below or contact Lynn Scheurell, intuitive business coach for entrepreneurs, today.




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