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Your Business Grows
Only As Fast As You Do...
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Your Personal Power
Creates Business Success
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Your Perceptions + Packaging =
Value For Your Clients
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Being Your Best
Changes The Future
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The Place To Be
How Can I Be In It Faster And Easier?
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Self-Care Is Essential
Relax Into Success
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Form Follows Energy
Cultivate What You Really Want
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Challenges Are
Disguised Opportunities
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Take The Interior Path
For Clear Sustainable Success

Creative Catalyst knows success is the result of hard work and good planning. As a conscious business authority, Lynn Scheurell transforms your vision to create both business and personal growth for your success.


In helping you find a bold vision and brandable identity for your vision, you have the practical clarity necessary to make good choices and create positive change in your business. Growing from a simple concept to a ‘real’ business is not easy, but Creative Catalyst helps you unleash your potential, connecting the inner dots to help you prioritize your time and make the most of your opportunities in life and business.


Finding time to be successful and make the world a better place means a highly organized approach to your tasks. An intuitive business coach from Creative Catalyst transforms your company and business while providing personal growth for you and your team.


For more information about our products and services, contact Creative Catalyst by phone or email and schedule an appointment with Lynn Scheurell, intuitive business coach for entrepreneurs, today.



Unleash Your Potential

You have a unique purpose. By connecting your inner dots, you actualize your potential, help more people and change the world.

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Transform Through Business

Your business is the ultimate self-development tool because it can grow only as fast as you do – and you will both be transformed by the experience

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Accelerate Success

The shortcut to success is having alignment between who you are and what you do AND applying business strategy and systems.

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  • Transformation Masters

    Definition: You are a change agent, master healer or facilitator of profound shift for your clients.

  • Thought Leaders

    Definition: You are ahead of the curve, provoking questions on the growing edge of your industry.

  • Coaches / Teachers

    Definition: Using your expertise, perspective and wisdom to guide your clients to new results.

  • Speakers / Authors

    Definition: Using the written or spoken word to convey powerful insights which inspire fresh action.

What You Need In Business To Change The World



Bold Vision

Seeing the future and allowing it to pull you forward is the key to successful entrepreneuring.


Strategic Presence

Your influence is a result of how your (potential) clients perceive you showing up.


Signature Offer

The core of the sacred exchange with your clients is compelling articulation of the transformation they will receive through your work.


Personal Power

Being in your power benefits your work, your clients and, ultimately, your self-fulfillment.


Practical Clarity

Being clear is the prerequisite to creating your big vision and living your best life in practical terms.



Brandable Identity

It is your persona and the big promise of your work made visible via marketing, messaging and media.

Personal Message from Lynn


A Must-Have For Transformational Specialists, Wisdom Workers, Coaches, Teachers, Speakers And Writers!



Defining Your Prosperity Path:
How To Make Opportunities (And A Living!) From Your Wisdom
A 10-page guide to accelerate your success using your natural talents.